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Sunday, April 30, 2006

04/30--On Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Sunday April 30
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Saludos desde MEXICO!! I arrived here on Friday the 28th of April, and I'm still getting accustomed to the climate, the cuisine and the customs. I'll be here until the end of May, attending a course of intensive Spanish language instruction. Hence, because of my arduous schedule, the look and feel of my blog will change accordingly. While I may not post every day, I will post as often as events warrant and time allows. Below are a few of the first pictures I took when I arrived.

My Front Door

My Kitchen Window

My Front Yard

Flower Garden

Local Animal Life (Dead)

My Rooftop Patio

Patio View #1

Patio View #2

Okay, that's it for now. Gotta run downtown, take a few more pictures, get lost numerous times (my legacy), buy a few more groceries and then come back to rest and recuperate from the intense heat. So, hasta luego...
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Enjoy your weekend, amigos! And remember to keep it funny, hot & spicy!

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