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Sunday, April 23, 2006

04/23 A Night to Remember

Sunday April 23
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Though there was a vain attempt to literally rain on our evening, a little precipitation did absolutely nothing to dampen our spirits, our appetites or our ability to trip the light fantastic. Saturday night saw my lady and me scoffing at the raindrops as we headed for the Gateway Clippper dinner cruise with entertainment provided by Butler County's own Frank Sinatra impersonator Bo Wagner.
Tickets for Two
Tickets in hand, we headed for Station Square on the edge of downtown Pittsburgh. We thought we had left with plenty of time, but once we entered the area, we saw we were not the only game in town that night. There was a rock concert also playing, and there were hordes of young people thronging the streets. We missed the entrance ramp and parking lot because the line of people to enter the rock concert blocked most of the streets. So, we ended up paying to park (free parking was included with the cost of the tickets...thanks, kids!) and asked directions a couple of times before getting there with moments to spare before boarding.
Ready to Dine and Dance
As we boarded, photographers were there to capture the moment with a rather pricy souvenir snapshot that we--naturally-- brought home. Then, we were seated and shortly thereafter we got underway down the Monongahela River toward the "Point" where the three rivers meet. We dined on a buffet of Chicken Marsala, roast ham, rice pilaf, green beans and rigatoni. We washed it down with Sutter Home white zinfandel, and then for dessert there was a choice of chocolate or carrot cake and coffee. Then came the music, the memories, the magic...
Frank-Bo Wagner-Sinatra
You'd expect the guy to sound like Frank Sinatra...which he DID!! But for him to look like him was way out there!! He could easily pass for "Old Blue Eyes" if we didn't know better!!
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Well, that was our excitement for the weekend. Gotta go put the finishing touches on our just-caught rockfish dinner. Time to rewind and get ready for another week. Squeeze the most out of what's left of the weekend! And remember to keep it funny, hot & spicy!

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