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Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday 3 April

Monday April 3


Every Monday needs a little humor, so here goes my contribution...


…at a party

---HE: Pardon me, but you look like Helen Green.

---SHE: Yeah, well, I look even worse in pink.

…in a bar


---What’s the matter with you? It’s nearly the 4th of July!

---Whoa! I better be getting home!

…on the golf course.

---Do you realize your ball just struck my wife?!

---Dreadfully sorry, old chap. Here’s a ball; have a shot at mine.

…on a headstone

---I TOLD you I was sick.

…in a phone call to the hospital

---I’ve got to get down there right away. I’ve got to bring my wife in. She’s having a baby! She’s having a baby!

---Now, calm down. Is this her first baby?

---Um, no. This is her husband.

…at the bridge club

---Won’t the country club dance be fun? We’re supposed to wear dresses that match our husband’s hair. I’m going in black.

---And I’ll be in yellow.

---I’m wearing red with silver highlights.

--Oh, dear, I think I’d better not come.

…in court

---Are you the defendant?

---No, your honor, I got a lawyer to do the defendin’…I’m the guy what stole the car.

…in the men’s department

---Whew! I didn’t have any trouble selling the purple suit to that blind guy, but did his seeing-eye dog raise a fuss?!

…in the doctor’s office

---When you urinate, does it burn?

---Don’t know, never tried to light it.

…in Sunday School

---Can anyone tell me where God is?

---Well, this morning he was at my house. I heard my Dad yelling, “Good God, how much longer are you gonna be in that bathroom?

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