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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Somewhere It's a Sunny Sunday....Not Here!!!

Sunday April 2

Happy Sunday, everybody! I've come to the conclusion that my "Stupid" calendar is no longer readable, so I'm discontinuing it for the time being. The graphics somehow got messed up, and for the sake of your eyesight and temper, I'll save you the frustration of trying to read the tidbits and taking it out (if only in your head) at me. So, relax and think of this little fact of live as one done on your behalf. (No need to thank me; the pleasure is all mine!)
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Hope you remembered to turn back your clocks. If not, do it now or you'll spend the next 6 months trying to catch up (sleep included)!
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If the weather's nice, get outside and enjoy it! If it's not, stay in and daydream about it!! And whether you're a hawk or a dove, when gardening always remember to...

Be happy! Be Safe! And remember to keep it funny, hot & spicy!

Pittsburgh Pepperhead


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